Conditions for a percutaneous procedure

What five conditions must be satisfied before a percutaneous procedure can be performed?

• The patient or patient representative must provide written, informed consent for the procedure, intravenous conscious sedation (if applicable), and potential administration of blood or blood products.

• Code status during the procedure and postprocedural recovery period must be determined if the patient has do not attempt resuscitation orders.

• The patient’s coagulation profile must be determined and any coagulopathies corrected.

• The patient must be fasting if conscious sedation will be used during the procedure. Exact times vary depending on institutional protocols and guidelines. Typical guidelines are fasting for at least 2 hours for “clear” liquids and at least 6 hours for “solids” or food.

• Appropriate antibiotic coverage must be administered if there is any possibility that the lesion or fluid collection is infected.


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