Commonly used radioisotopes in diagnostic nuclear medicine

What are some commonly used radioisotopes in diagnostic nuclear medicine?

Such radioisotopes are often used to label specific molecular compounds that target a molecular process, cellular process, or disease of interest which may then be imaged.

Commonly Used Radioisotopes in Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine

Technetium-99m ( 99m Tc)6 hoursPlanar scintigraphy, SPECT
Iodine-123 ( 123 I)13.2 hoursPlanar scintigraphy, SPECT
Indium-111 ( 111 In)67 hoursPlanar scintigraphy, SPECT
Thalium-201 ( 201 Tl)73.1 hoursPlanar scintigraphy, SPECT
Gallium-67 ( 67 Ga)78.3 hoursPlanar scintigraphy, SPECT
Xenon-133 ( 133 Xe)5.3 daysPlanar scintigraphy, SPECT
Rubidium-82 ( 82 Rb)1.3 minutesPET
Oxygen-15 ( 15 O)2 minutesPET
Nitrogen-13 ( 13 N)10 minutesPET
Carbon-11 ( 11 C)20 minutesPET
Gallium-68 ( 68 Ga)68 minutesPET
Fluorine-18 ( 18 F)110 minutesPET
Copper-64 ( 64 Cu)12.7 hoursPET
Iodine-124 ( 124 I)4.2 daysPET

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