Causes of pancreatitis in HIV

What are the most common causes of pancreatitis in HIV infected patients? 

Several studies have documented chronic and recurrent elevations of serum amylase and lipase in up to 50% of patients with AIDS. The most common medications associated with pancreatitis in AIDS are pentamidine, didanosine (ddI), and zalcitabine (ddC). Protease inhibitors frequently cause hyperlipidemia. Ritonavir is associated with the most dramatic increases in serum triglycerides, with 10% of patients developing severe hypertriglyceridemia. Pancreatitis is well described in patients with elevations in triglycerides from protease inhibitors. Reported infectious causes of pancreatitis include CMV, HSV, MAC, and tuberculosis. An infectious cause of pancreatitis is difficult to establish and requires pancreatic biopsy.


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