Atrophic Vaginitis

What is Atrophic Vaginitis

Atrophic vaginitis is when the tissues that line the vagina become dry and thin. This is caused by a drop in estrogen. Estrogen helps:

  • To keep the vagina moist.
  • To make a clear fluid that helps:
    • To lubricate the vagina for sex.
    • To protect the vagina from infection.

If the lining of the vagina is dry and thin, it may:

  • Make sex painful. It may also cause bleeding.
  • Cause a feeling of:
    • Burning.
    • Irritation.
    • Itchiness.
  • Make an exam of your vagina painful. It may also cause bleeding.
  • Make you lose interest in sex.
  • Cause a burning feeling when you pee.
  • Make your vaginal fluid (discharge) brown or yellow.

For some women, there are no symptoms.

This condition is most common in women who do not get their regular menstrual periods anymore (menopause). This often starts when a woman is 45–55 years old.

Follow these instructions at home:

  • Take medicines only as told by your doctor. Do notuse any herbal or alternative medicines unless your doctor says it is okay.
  • Use over-the-counter products for dryness only as told by your doctor. These include:
    • Creams.
    • Lubricants.
    • Moisturizers.
  • Do notdouche.
  • Do notuse products that can make your vagina dry. These include:
    • Scented feminine sprays.
    • Scented tampons.
    • Scented soaps.
  • If it hurts to have intercourse, tell your partner.

Contact a doctor if:

  • Your discharge looks different than normal.
  • Your vagina has an unusual smell.
  • You have new symptoms.
  • Your symptoms do not get better with treatment.
  • Your symptoms get worse.

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