Antipyrine and Benzocaine

Antipyrine and Benzocaine Brand Names

A/B Otic | Allergen | Antiben | Auralgan | Aurax | Aurodex | Auroguard | Auroto | Balagan | Dolotic | Oto Care | Otoalgan | Pro-Otic

What is Antipyrine and Benzocaine

Antipyrine and benzocaine are used together in an otic preparation to relieve pain and reduce inflammation associated with otitis externa or swimmer’s ear.

The combination is also used to facilitate ear wax removal.

Antipyrine (phenazone) and benzocaine combinations have been available since before 1938.


  • cerumen removal
  • otitis externa

Side Effects

  • erythema
  • pruritus

No adverse reactions are regularly associated with the otic use of antipyrine; benzocaine.

Although rare, discontinue treatment if signs and symptoms of a local allergic reaction occur (e.g., burning, pruritus, erythema, or oozing sores in ear).

Monitoring Parameters

  • laboratory monitoring not necessary


  • breast-feeding
  • ear discharge
  • ester local anesthetic hypersensitivity
  • pregnancy
  • tympanic membrane perforation


There are no drug interactions associated with Antipyrine and Benzocaine products.


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