3 Interesting Facts of Ependymoma

  1. Ependymoma presents with similar clinical presentation, owing to its common posterior fossa location; unlike medulloblastoma, it more often extends through foramina and into basal cisterns 
  2. Characteristic CT and MRI findings are best used to differentiate ependymoma from medulloblastoma preoperatively; medulloblastoma enhancement is more homogeneous and presents with less calcification 
    • Ependymomas are highly heterogeneous with characteristic calcification, cystic areas, and hemorrhage on CT imaging; MRI imaging shows heterogeneous enhancement as solid tumor is isointense (T1-weighted image) to hyperintense (T2-weighted image) relative to white matter 
  3. Ependymoma is definitively differentiated from medulloblastoma by histopathology

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